Personal Protection

The need for life assurance is based on the absolute certainty that death is inevitable, but the timing is unknown.  There is enormous reassurance in protecting the future for your family, dependants or minimising the impact of Inheritance Tax in the event of death.

The principle options available include:

• Term Assurance
• Decreasing Term Assurance
• Family Income Benefit

• Whole Of Life
• Critical Illness
• Income Protection

We are vastly experienced in independently researching the most appropriate package of life cover to suit you and your family’s needs, including whether benefits should be written under trust.  The completion and underwriting of a basic medical questionnaire will determine the cost and term of cover.

Business Protection

Business protection planning is designed to protect companies against the impact of losing personnel through critical illness, disability or death who are key to the running of the business.

Life Assurance as a solution provides the financial protection to cover the disruption to a business after the loss of someone who makes a major contribution to the business success:

• Key Person Protection
• Share Protection
• Business Loan Protection

• Critical Illness
• Group Life Assurance
• Group PHI

The key points stated can cover the impact of ensuring the loss of profits, equity share pay out or ongoing cash flow needs are met to allow the continued trading of the business. Additionally some of the above benefits in kind can form an important part of staff salary packages to retain the loyalty of employees.

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